About the site:

  • Established on March 3, 2005.
  • As the name suggests, kalimpong.info will have information about Kalimpong. Any news articles, trivia, pictures… anything that the administrators can get their hands on.
  • The site will be managed as a blog so the content will be updated regularly.
  • The site will alto try and collect information about Kalimpong businesses, schools, restaurants, hotels. In short, any information which would be regarded as useful for a visitor… or a resident.


  • Most of the articles on this site will be news-based. I will try and cull the latest news on Kalimpong available to me from various sources (online newspapers mostly).
  • If any reader wants to contribute any articles, you are more than welcome. In fact I hope the site would attract a number of individuals who would contribute articles (news, literary – stories/poems, pictures). You will be given full credit for your contributions of course. 


Etc. etc. :

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