This page contains a list of schools and institutes in Kalimpong along with some relevant information about them. Hopefully this list will be useful for prospective students or parents/guardians etc.

I have long wanted to set this list up but only got around to doing it now. The information has been collected from various sources. I would like to thank all those who helped by contributing tidbits of info, especially the good folks of the Darjeeling Forum, and lots of thanks to SP for compiling the information.

This list is in no way comprehensive or complete at this moment so please expect to see errors or omissions. If you do spot any, please drop me a line to let me know, or say so in the comments thread below.

If there are any schools/institutes in Kalimpong that I’ve missed out, please do let me know. I’d be grateful for any information that will help me “fill-in-the-blanks” below. ๐Ÿ˜€


(Mar 29, 2008)

-Update: Thanks to Mr. Vimal Khawas for providing additional information.

The state board schools like SUMI, Kumudini had nepali as the medium of instruction (with books written in Nepali till class V) till about 10-12 years ago. However, the government of west bengal keeping in mind the importance of english instructed these schools to follow english in primary standard. Although by and large teachers in these schools still teach in Nepali (mode of lecture), but the books are written in English.

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Address & Contact Information
Medium of Instruction Affiliation or Program Residential? Co-Education?
Albela Boys Home
Ph: 255289
English   Yes Boys
Barsana High School
Upper Cart Road
Ph: 255390
English CBSE   Co-Ed
Benjamin’s Garden Nursery School
Atisha Road
260097 255594
English   Yes Co-Ed
B.B.Pradhan Management SchoolCollege
Ph: 260154
English     Co-Ed
Central School for Tibetans (CST)
11th Mile
Ph: 255917
English CBSE Yes Co-Ed
Craft Teachers Training Centre
Ph: 255595
Dr. Graham’s Homes
Tirpai Deolo Hill
Ph: 274526, 274626 91-3552-274769,
English ICSE, ISC Yes Co-Ed

Drolma School
Rishi Road, 9th Mile
Ph: 255909

English ICSE No Co-Ed
Ganesh High School
Bong Busty
Ph: 256392
English ICSE No Co-Ed
Gandhi Ashram Elementary School
6th Mile Bridge, Tashiding
Ph: 257541, 9233500351
English Primary Yes Co-Ed
Girls’ High School
Mission Compound
Ph: 255860, 256429
English Madhyamik, H.S. Yes Girls
Good Shepherd SchoolInstitute of Hotel Management,
East Main Road
English     Co-Ed
Government High School
Rishi Road, 9th Mile
Ph: 257013
English Madhyamik   Co-Ed
Grace Academy
Upper Gumba Hatta
Ph: 256705
Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Institute (ITBCI) School,
Sadhu Dhara
Ph: 255463
English ICSE Yes Co-Ed
Indo-Tibetan Junior High School
Ph: 257445
English Madhyamik    
Jubilee High School
Bong Busty
Ph: 255914
English Madhyamik No Co-Ed
Junior Basic Training School
Ph: 255653
Junior Technical School
Bong Busty
Ph: 255505
Nepali Madhyamik No Co-Ed
K J Vidyapith
East Main Road
Ph: 256763
Kumudini Homes
Printam Road, Lower Bong Busty
Ph: 255565
English Madhyamik No Boys
L’Avenir Garden School
East Main Road
Ph: 255922
English     Co-Ed
MarieMary Scott Home for the Blind
Rishi Road, 9th Mile
Ph: 255252
English   Yes Co-Ed
Mt. Carmel School
Dr. B.L. Dixit Rd., P.O. Box 35, Bong Busty
Ph: 257463, 255395, 9832040891
Fax: 256924
English ICSE Yes Co-Ed
Paramount School
East Main Road
Fax: 256710
English     Co-Ed
Pranami Balika High School Vidya Mandir
11th Mile
Ph: 255213
NepaliEnglish Madhyamik, H.S. No Girls
Rockvale Academy
9th Mile, Rishi Road
Ph: 255556,260154
English ICSE, ISC Yes Co-Ed
Saptashri Gyaanpeeth
Taxari Road
Ph: 258482
English ICSE, ISC Yes Co-Ed
Seven Days Aventist School
Shangrila, 9th Mile
English ICSE   Co-Ed
School of Vocational Studies
Ph: 259027
Springdale Academy
10th Mile
Ph: 258539
English ICSE, ISC   Co-Ed
St. Augustine’s School
8th Mile
Ph: 255275, 255926, 256640, 256641
English ICSE, ISC Yes Boys
St. Joseph’s Convent
8th Mile, Rishi Road
Ph: 255278, 255912
English ICSE Yes Girls
St. Philomena’s School,
7th Mile
Ph: 255493, 257924
English ICSE Madhyamik   Girls
Mission Compound
English Madhyamik, H.S.   Boys
Sutherland Memorial Nursery School
Ph: 255874
English Primary    
St.George High School
Ph: 281276,281238
English Madhyamik    
St. Xavier’s School
Ph: 281363, 281248

English ICSE   Co-ed
Toddler’s Preparatory School
Taxari Road
Ph: 258482
English Primary Yes Co-Ed
Central School for Tibetans
10th Mile
Ph: 255428
Vrindavan School
12th Mile, Echhey
Ph: 274123,274470
English ICSE   Co-Ed
Younglings Nursery School
Tirpai Hills
Ph: 256756
English Primary